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Trade-In Policy FAQ

What Are Trade-Ins?

If you have books or CD audio books that you have already read, you can bring them in to see if we need any of them. In exchange for any books that we accept, we give a store credit that is good to purchase anything in the store (see below for more details).  Also, store credit does not expire.

Can I Get Cash Instead of Store Credit?

We do NOT pay cash for books.

When Can I Bring in My Books? Do You Have a Limit?

No appointments are necessary, but we ask customers to bring no more than two grocery bag of books per customer at a time.  In addition, we do not accept more than 20 books an hour prior to closing, and we ask you to stay in the store until your books have been processed.  Please be prepared to take back any books we could not use.

Can I Bring Books That I Didn't Buy From You?

Yes, however, it depends on the condition, how many we currently have in stock, and if the title/author is something that sells for us.

How Much Credit Will I Get?

Paperbacks - 25% of the purchase price up to $2.00 per book. (may be less based on author & current stock)

Newly released hardcovers (has not gone to paperback) up to $3.00 (based on author and date of release), we do not take hardcovers if they have gone to paperback.

Audio books - 25% of the purchase price, up to $5.00.

What Can I Spend My Credit On?

Anything in the store (see examples below).

Is There A Limit On The Amount Of Credit That Can Be Used?

No, however, there is always a cash exchange (see below).


Below are examples of how store credit will be applied when making a purchase:

Used Books, including Sale books 

Our price $5.00 = $2.50 store credit & $2.50 cash

30% for new books*

Publisher price $6.99 = $2.10 credit & $4.89 cash  

30% for non-book items*  (book covers, bookmarks, book lights, etc.)

Book light price $10.49 = $3.15 credit & $7.34 cash

* Excludes low discount books & local authors/artists books & non-book items on consignment.

Why Can't You Take All My Books?

We're sorry but we are offered many more books than we could possibly sell in our store. Some reasons we may not be able to use your books include the following:

  • we are overstocked on that particular title
  • the title/author is not something that sells for us
  • the book is not in good enough condition
If we are simply overstocked on a title, you are welcome to take the book back and try it again in a month.

I Bought This Book from You -- Will You Take It Back?

Yes, as long as it is still in good condition, and it was not a sale book. 

What Should I Do With the Books You Don't Take?

If you are simply trying to clean out and de-clutter, you may wish to donate your books. Otherwise, you are welcome to take your books back and try them again in a month.

Consider donating your books to the Friends of the Library, hospital or assisted living.

Is There Any Type of Book That You Don't Take?

We do not take the following:

  • hardcovers that have gone to paperback
  • dirty or water-stained books
  • paperbacks with clipped corners
  • books with loose or torn pages
  • books that smell strongly of smoke
  • books with mildew
  • books that are brought in boxes containing bugs or rodents
  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Videos (DVD or VHS) & computer games
  • Magazines 
  • Comic books
  • Text books
  • ex-library books
  • books that have been laminated
  • encyclopedias, almanacs, etc.

What Books Are You Looking For?

Our needs change on a daily basis, but here are a few things we usually need:

  • books released within the past 3 months
  • books on school reading lists
  • Philosophy books

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